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Miele Dental Disinfector – G 8581

  • High level disinfection of instruments that exceeds OSHA standards for microbial contamination reduction of 99.99%.
  • Has the ability to wash, rinse, dry, and disinfect while your staff spends more time with patients.
  • Miele offers a wide range of specialized baskets and inserts that have been designed for individual instruments and enables the unit to be customized to the needs of the practice.
  • Protects staff against “sharps” incidents and protects against infections due to the high level of disinfection of the unit.
  • Can clean more instruments than an ultrasonic cleaner and increase staff productivity.



  • Self Locking Door
  • Closed Door Drying
  • EZFill Front Water Filling
  • Chambers available in 9″ or 11″
  • Dynamic Air Removal Technology
  • Comprehensive Warranty – 2 years parts and labor, 10 year chamber warranty

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