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Endo Express/Safe Siders – EDS

Endodontics – Endo Express EDS

  • Avoid separation anxiety – no fear of breakage
  • Reciprocating motion creates a balanced force whereby the instruments stay centered.
  • Safer than conventional rotary instruments
  • Relieved reamers provide less flutes – less flutes mean less engagement with the walls of the canal, which means less resistance.
  • Remove debris with unexpected ease. Chair time is greatly reduced due to engine driven reciprocation.
  • Easily mastered technique which prevents canal distortion
  • Costs slightly less than rotary NiTi on a per use basis.
  • Safesiders are safely used 3 times more than NiTi instruments before they are discarded so costs are dramatically reduced.

Tango Endo™ Instrument System

  • Time saving two instrument shaping system
  • Tough and reusable (up to 3 times) providing dramatic savings compared to single use systems
  • Affordable reciprocating handpiece can be used with your current endo motor or any e-type air motor
  • Simple 2 step process
  • Superior ability to negotiate curves
  • Quickly navigates to the apex
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